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The border town of Dinkelland has more than 26,000 inhabitants. The population is divided over 10 centers: Agelo, Denekamp, ​​Deurningen, Lattrop, Noord-Deurningen, Ootmarsum, Rossum, Saasveld, Tilligte and Weerselo. The total area is 18,494 hectares. The municipality is located in the northeast of Twente and borders the territory of the German municipality Nordhorn, located just a few kilometers from Denekamp. Both places have multiple partnerships and regular cultural and sporting contacts.

Denekamp derives from "Daginghem", first encountered in the middle of the 9th century. Through, among other things, Demnichem? and? Denecham? it eventually became the present name from the end of the 18th century: Denekamp.

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