The Lutterzand

One of the most specific areas along the river Dinkel is the Lutterzand. De Dinkel itself forms a whimsical border between the lower river valleys? and a higher shifting sand area. The steep banks are a source of information about the history of the Dinkel valley from the last ice age. In the Lutterzand grow beautiful juniper - thicket or as the Twentenaar calls them "woagholt", while the further landscape is interspersed with whimsical fly pines, rough pine forests and moors.
Characteristic birds such as buzzard, black and spotted woodpecker, tail tit, woodlark, but also other (singing) birds can be observed there.

The river Dinkel is the biotope of the yellow wagtail and the kingfisher, not to mention the shore swallow. The river is bordered by hardwood, an alternating image of ascending oaks and low bushes of willow, blackthorn, wild rose, buckthorn and cardinal's hat.

There are hiking routes in the Lutterzand on the coast and to be judged. Seven different, with poles set out, hiking trails with a total length of 21 km. let you experience the most beautiful places of the Lutterzand. These can be started from restaurant? Florilympha? and? the Pavilion ?.