The Springendal

The nature reserve the Springendal is managed by Staatsbosbeheer and is approximately 335 ha. It is located north of Ootmarsum close to the German border. It is a very bird-rich area with a special flora. Brook valleys, reservoirs, water wells, moors and juniper struts form a beautiful landscape here. There are also old burial mounds here, in which the inhabitants of this area at that time buried their dead.

In the Springendal it is possible to take five marked trails from three different parking places. Rare plants occur in the nature reserve, which is closed to motorized traffic, such as floating water plantain, floating piping and the spotted and broad-leaved orchid. The area is home to special animals such as the kingfisher, the big yellow wagtail and the stream prick. And then there are different species of birds of prey and woodpeckers, owls, roe deer, rabbits and squirrels.

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