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Welcome to the Twente country!

Hotel De Schout has a unique location.

Denekamp, ​​with its wooded surroundings, is a wonderful starting point for your holiday in the middle of the beautiful Twente countryside. Denekamp is surrounded by several, equally beautiful villages and towns. Think of Weerselo with the beautiful Stift, the picturesque art town Ootmarsum or Oldenzaal with its shopping center. However, it is also the region bordering on the German neighbor town of Nordhorn, located in the famous Grafschaft Bentheim. From Hotel De Schout you are in Germany within five minutes.

This part of Twente is also becoming increasingly famous as the backdrop for the successful regional soup 'Van Jonge Leu and Oale Groand'. A regional TV show from TV Oost, which was also broadcasted by the KRO in our country. The shots were made in the most beautiful pieces of Twente nature and in a number of characteristic monumental buildings. Everything in an environment of pure natural beauty in the form of forest areas, interspersed with rolling ash, many picturesque fens and moors and with naturally old Twente farms, castles and monasteries.

We wish you a pleasant, relaxing and interesting stay in the beautiful Denekamp and its beautiful surroundings.

We invite you to explore Twente yourself. We hope to see you soon in Twente.

Or at his Twents: Good goan!